Rob and Lori Chubb founded On Target Gun and Archery Range on Oct. 1, 2016.

On Target is a gun and archery store with indoor ranges, and even a grill. They have called the Grand Lake area home for over 30 years. They owned Tempy Sporting goods for 29 years, before purchasing a building that was for sale in March of 2016. Rob and his son Tyler had both had a dream of having an indoor gun range, so they opened On Target as there was not another gun and archery range from Tulsa to Springfield.
The Chubb family worked very hard to get the store just the way they wanted it. For over 365 days Rob did not take a day off to get the store where he wanted it to be. Their goal for their store was for it to be more than just a gun range. On Target offers, a good selection of clothing, targets, blinds, along with large selection of guns and ammo. They also carry everything you need for archery, and offer bow tuning and repair.

Tyler Chubb is in charge of the archery side of the business. Tyler is the 2014 Buckmaster’s World Champion and the Regional World’s Champion. At On Target you can get your bow tuned, repaired, and get lessons from a true champion!

About 4 months after the doors opened the ranges and Chubby’s Grill opened. Lori Chubb manages the grill. More and more people are finding out about the grill and how good it is. You can stop in for some great food while you shop or shoot at the range.

Rob says, “I wanted to have a grill because my wife is a really, really good cook. I have proof right here in the ol’ round belly.”

With the hard work and dedication the Chubb family puts into On Target it is sure to continue to grow for years to come. It also offers the Grand Lake area something else for people to do, besides your typical lake activities. You can come in and shoot at the range. On Target even offers gun rental if you don’t own your own and would like to find the appropriate gun for you. You can learn about the many different guns, rifles, shotguns, and bows. For an added bonus you may get to hear some great hunting and shooting stories from people while you are visiting the store.